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Photo retouching and album design




How does it work?

Album Design

Album design starts at $6/spread
with discounts that are applied
based on higher spread count!



I like to keep things simple.
I charge a flat rate based on your needs
and will always make it a fair price.

Photo Retouching

Photo re-touching starts at $4/image
with discounts being applied based
on monthly image count!


Send me a test image, I'm happy to show you my work.

Remove unwanted people or props
Face replace and fly-away clean up

ABOUT: Ricky Walter Molnar

My Background

For the past three years I have been the retoucher and album designer for John Glaser Photography. I began studio photography in 2019 after many years of doing natural light portraiture. My interest in post production grew the more I entrenched myself in the world of studio photography. My work with John Glaser has allowed me to hone not only my photography skills, but also my editing and retouching abilities.

I understand studio photography from beginning to end, from what it takes to get a client in the door, to delivering them their final fully edited image. You can trust that I will put the same care in getting you your images that you put into the photo shoot.

When you work with me you aren't working with a large editing house. You work with me directly, I provide consistency that you don't have to worry about.
John Glaser Photography
Ricky Walter Molnar, John Glaser
John Glaser Photography
“Incredibly efficient, with outstanding communication skills and a deep understanding of the business of photography”

John Glaser
John Glaser Photography



Let’s Work Together

Lets set-up a time for a chat!

Always feel free to ask questions, I'm happy to figure out a plan that works for BOTH of us.

Personal Website:

Thanks for submitting!

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